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"Out with the old, in with the nu"

Lawn Care

We offer a wide range of lawn care services. We simply know how to turn brown grass into green grass as quickly as possible. We not only know how to turn dead grass into bright green grass,. But, we also know how to keep grass green. We offer contracts as well as a one time services if needed. We care about your lawn, we will do everything we can to treat your lawn like our own. With over 30 years experience in lawn care, we truly know everything there is to know about planting or reviving lawns.

"Well have your neighbours across the street saying "the grass is greener on the other side". 

Residential & Commercial Lawn care services:

- Grass cutting contract

- Fertilizing treatment

- De-weeding

- Weed control treatment

- Watering contracts

- Aeration

- Power-raking

- Spring & fall cleanup